Each year the JBAF awards a scholarship to a graduating senior from a Wabash Valley High School who is continuing their football career at the collegiate level. Criteria for this award are: student-athlete must display a strong work-ethic and great character, must be going to college to play football, and cannot be receiving full academic or athletic grants.

Scholarship Awardees

1997 - West Vigo High School

Bryan Spragg

1998 - West Vigo High School

Stephen Fell


1999 - West Vigo High School

Mike Lowe​




2004 Terre Haute North

Michael Russell

2004 Wast Vigo High School

Scott Cassell

2004 Terre Haute South

Mark Tucker

2005 Terre Haute North

Patrick Hancewicz

2005 West Vigo High School

Andy Chelton​

2005 Rockville High School

Kurtis Baker

2006 Terre Haute North

Shawn Hines

2006 Terre Haute South

Kyle Toney

2006 West Vigo High School

John Brashear

2006 Rockville High School

Brodie Burgess

2007 Terre Haute North

2007 Terre Haute South

2008 Terre Haute North

Jacob Shaffer

2008 Terre Haute South

Brock Lough

2008 Rockville High School

Zack Clapp

2009 Terre Haute North

Frank Willis

2009 Rockville High School

Aaron Bridge

2009 West Vigo High School

Kameron Silcock

2010 Rockville High School

Thomas Berry

2010 Terre Haute North

Chris O'Leary

2010 Terre Haute South

Bryn Schwartz

2010 West Vigo High School

John Burt